Welcome to Wavecoin

Wavecoin is a community-driven Defi Token-based off the binance smart chain network. Wavecoin integrates three incentivizing functions that occur during each trade: Automatic liquidity pool acquisition, reflection for holders, and burn.

automatic LP

Automatic LP

Every time a trade occurs on the blockchain, automatic liquidity gets distributed amongst multiple pools used by exchanges that incentivize rewards.

mining pool

Community Based

Wavecoin was inspired by the cryptocurrency community and was made solely for the purpose of incentivizing the community through rewards to hold WaveCoin and ride the wave of cryptocurrency.


YPR - Yielding Passive Rewards

WaveCoin Holders collect passive rewards through reflection as their balance of WaveCoin constantly grows.



Our roadmap consists of a clear vision of what the Wavecoin team will strive to achieve and gives an idea of what the Wavecoin Community is really all about. We invite you to join us on this journey into the decentralized era.

White Wash

We have successfully onboarded and confirmed a BNB trading pair with Pancakeswap. We are currently in the works of getting listed on multiple different exchanges and making Wavecoin more accessible. Wavecoin’s marketing campaign has begun and we are currently adding more developers to the team in order to start working towards completing community-voted projects.

Making Strides

We will begin the integration and onboarding process with exchanges such as Burency and HotBit. We want Wavecoin to be as accessible as possible so we will also be having community votes on which other exchanges everyone would like to see us on. NFT Marketplaces have had a recent boom in the crypto verse and we would like to integrate as many crypto use cases as possible to the Wavecoin community. We will begin the development of our NFT Wave Exchange where the Wavecoin community will be able to participate in buying collectibles such as NFTs and ENS Domains.

Gaining Momentum

We will start the development of the team’s most important project… “WaveApp”. The WaveApp will offer a variety of different features for crypto holders and we plan on really incentivizing the community to participate in the wonders of decentralization. We will work towards being available on bigger exchanges such as KuCoin and Bittrex. Other exchanges that the team will work towards being listed on include Binance and Voyager. We will push to promote/advance the legal tender of Bitcoin in South America so that we keep moving towards a better/decentralized future. Wavecoin will continue to add more developers to the team to ensure steady progress towards the finalization of the WaveApp and other community-voted projects.


Riding the Wave

We will work on finalizing the development of our Wave App that will be launched on the Android and IOS stores. The app will implement features such as pseudo-anonymous end-to-end encrypted messaging, and a wallet that will let you hold and transact BEP-20 and ERC-20 based tokens. Taking part in the cryptocurrency community to us means bringing more developments that will help enhance the decentralized era we are just now starting to embrace mainstream. The Wave App will also implement an educational tab with all the benefits decentralization can and will bring to this world. We must strive for a better world and this is what the WaveCoin Community is all about. We invite everyone to come ride the wave of the future.

Donate To Our Project!

Wavecoin Protocol is all about incentivizing the community and developing projects that help advance the decentralized era. Donations will go towards and help speed up the development of Wavecoin Community-inspired projects that will be available for all! Anything helps and is much appreciated!

Price Support

Incentivizing Rewards

Wavecoin’s Reflection function guarantees constant growth regardless of market conditions. Holders gain passive income through rewards as transactions on the blockchain are constantly taking place. The longer you hold the more rewards you gain which will always increase your wallet size. Take part in the Cryptocurrency community and ride the wave to financial freedom.

How is the price supported?

Wavecoin has a unique fee function that takes place when transactions on the blockchain occur. A 10% fee is distributed in two different ways: 5% of that fee distributes Wavecoin to all holders, while the other 5% of Wavecoin gets paired with BNB and added back into the liquidity pool for others to buy and for the price to grow. The 10% Fee acts as a hindrance for whales looking to manipulate the markets, while at the same time incentivizing the HOLDERS!

Wavecoin Protocol

The Wavecoin Network is a community- based, fair-launched DeFi deflationary token. Three unique functions occur during each trade: Automatic liquidity pool acquisition, reflection for holders, and burn.